IFIP SEC 2018, Abstract of the talk

JonDonym Users' Information Privacy Concerns

David Harborth, Sebastian Pape

Chair of Mobile Business and Multilateral Security Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

Abstract. Privacy concerns as well as trust and risk beliefs are important factors that can influence users' decision to use a service. One popular model that integrates these factors is relating the Internet Users Information Privacy Concerns (IUIPC) construct to trust and risk beliefs. However, studies haven't yet applied it to a privacy enhancing technology (PET) such as an anonymization service. Therefore, we conducted a survey among 416 users of the anonymization service JonDonym [1] and collected 141 complete questionnaires. We rely on the IUIPC construct and the related trust-risk model and show that it needs to be adapted for the case of PETs. In addition, we extend the original causal model by including trust beliefs in the anonymization service provider and show that they have a significant effect on the actual use behavior of the PET.

Keywords: Internet Users’ Information Privacy Concerns, IUIPC, Anonymity Services, Privacy Concerns, Trust Beliefs, Risk Beliefs

The paper published in the IFIP SEC 2018 confeence proceedings by Springer Verlag